Peer Support in Athens, GA

What Can Support Groups Do?

Peer Support

Assistive Technology Staff Jerrie Toney

Assistive technology (AT) is anything used to improve your interactions in the world around you. It is the doorknob used to enter and exit buildings, the whiteout fluid used to remove pen marks, the horn in your car used to embarrass bad drivers, and so much more!

AT can be useful for a specific activity or for multiple purposes. For example, children who struggle with focus and attention can use headphones to cancel out noise, listen to music while completing homework, and to alert other people to leave them alone. In the home of a retired couple, a ramp can be the perfect tool for accessing rooms, moving furniture, or simply leaving the house. Even middle-aged people who love to exercise can logically use AT anytime that they run, walk, jog, or participate in sports. From young children to seniors, people of all ages can benefit from AT!

Living with a disability means learning to readapt to your surroundings. Many times, it also means conforming to a world that doesn’t go out of its way to make things easier. MultipleChoices™ Center for Independent Living is working hard to change that. We offer a broad range of advocacy services specifically designed to meet the needs of your situation and disability.


We advocate for the rights of disabled persons, including for employment, housing and education. Our vision through advocacy is achieving a world where disabled individuals have equal access to all aspects of society necessary to live a free and happy life.

Peer support groups:

No one knows what you’re going through like someone else who has faced the same circumstances. Through peer support groups in ten counties in northeast Georgia, we help people come to terms with their situation and discover solutions for overcoming—all with the help of peers who help to motivate and inspire.

Information and referral:

Looking for information about your rights or opportunities? Need a referral to a medical professional or legal counsel? We provide information and referrals to disabled persons, giving them access to important resources.

Home modification:

If you need accessibility installations at your home, call us to assist with them. We can install wheelchair ramps, handrails and grab bars, and other installations that make living independently easier and more accommodating.


Transportation is one of the biggest needs of individuals with disabilities. If you need transportation assistance to and from our facilities or help coordinating appropriate transportation to other destinations, we’ll be happy to help.


Your disability has nothing to do with your creative spirit or entrepreneurial mind! If you have an idea for a micro-enterprise, let us help. We’ll get you started in the right direction, so you can fulfill your dreams and lead a rewarding life.

For more information about how we can assist you in improving your day-to-day quality of life, braille training, and more, contact MultipleChoices™ Center for Independent Living today at 706-850-4025.