Independent Living

Individuals living with disabilities essentially are deemed the expert regarding the nature of the wants and needs that bring about and/or sustain their independent living and quality of life goals.
Through our services, programs, activities, and our compassion for others and for community, we assist such individuals in their independent living pursuits.

  • Disability ResourcesWe are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, part of a statewide network funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education.
  • Disability ResourcesWe are affiliated with the Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia (SILC) and a proud advocate for the citizens of Georgia.

You don’t get a choice in your disability, but you do have the choice to persevere and overcome its limitations. Multiplechoices™ Center for Independent Living provides all the programs and guidance you need to grow as an individual. If you feel limited, let us open your eyes to the education, skills and information you need to succeed.

Meet the Board Members

Martine Adogu | First Year 

Email: [email protected] 

Martine Adogu, MD, serves as Ophthalmologist & Director  of Surgical Services at Oconee Medical Group in Athens,  GA, and has done so since 1998. She attended McGill  University in Montreal, Canada, for her undergraduate  studies. She received a University of Maryland Merit  Scholarship from 1990 to 1994. During her Junior Year of  medical school, she joined the Alpha Omega Alpha  medical honor society, and she graduated from the  University of Maryland Medical School Cum Laude in  1994. She completed her ophthalmology residency at  Boston University in 1998 and moved to Athens to start  her practice. She is the mother to one son and two  daughters.

Liza Burnsed | First Year 

Email: [email protected] 

I graduated from The University of Georgia with a  Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and received a Master’s  of Education in Special Education from the University of  Kennesaw. I was a severe and profound Special  Education Teacher for 6 years, then served as the Special 

Education Department Head for Cedar Shoals High School  for two years. I am now serving as Transition Specialist  for the Clarke County School District.  

My passion is in serving individuals with disabilities. My  other passions involve traveling, sports, concerts, and  being with my friends and family.

Jemelleh Coes (has disability) | First Year 

Email: j[email protected] 

Jemelleh is the daughter of immigrant parents and a  first-generation university graduate. She was born in  Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in Decatur, Georgia.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education with a  concentration in Special Education and her Master’s  degree in Education with a concentration in Teaching and  Learning from Georgia Southern University. She is also a  professor at the University of Georgia where she teaches  future educators along with future professionals  dedicated to disability advocacy.

Shy Cullars (has a disability) | 3 Years Served

Email: [email protected] 

Shy Cullars is a third generation farmer, born in Kansas  City, Kansas. She grew up raising livestock, fresh fish,  and vegetables in aquaponic systems. Ms. Cullars is a  graduate of Kansas State University and the proud owner  of Cullars Heritage Farm, LLC (CHF). 

Agriculture has always been a passion for Ms. Cullars.  She has worked in the Agricultural industry in a variety of facets including NRCS Outreach Specialist, Chairwoman  of Georgia NWIAA, NCAT Youth Program Director, and she serves as an External Advisory Board member for the  University of Kentucky. Ms. Cullars takes pride in  educating others in the importance of sustainable agriculture and food justice.

Tabitha Johnson Green | First Year 

Email: [email protected] 

I am a Registered Nurse and a small business owner. I  was the 2018, 2020, & 2022, Democratic Nominee for  Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. 

I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University, Middle  Georgia College, and Ultimate Medical Academy. I enjoy  spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy  visiting, and picking fresh fruits and vegetables. from  many of Georgia’s U-pick Farms.

Service Hurst | 6 Years Served  

Email: [email protected] 

Retired from GA Dept of Labor. Undergraduate degree from Kentucky State College

Graduate work at University of Louisville 

Volunteer chaplain at Clarke County Sheriff Office 

As a Registered Nurse of over 20 years, I care deeply  about the welfare and wellbeing of everyone, especially  the people of GA-District 10.

Jennifer Maldonado (has a disability) | First Year 

Email: [email protected] 

Jennifer has a pharmacy technician Associate degree  from Universidad Del Este. She is originally from Puerto  Rico and has lived in GA for 8 years. Jennifer has never  worked with people with disabilities but is looking forward  to the opportunity to do so. She enjoys going to the  movies and to the mall and loves all animals

Athenia Myrick (has a disability) | Secretary, 4 Years  Served 

Email: [email protected] 

Athenia Myrick is a native of Commerce, Ga. She moved  to Athens-Clarke County in 1999. In the year of 2000 she  began to work with people with disability. She giving back to the community as well as helping people with  needs is her passion. She is married to an Airman of the  United States Air force. She graduated from Continental

Academy where she received a high school diploma; she  is working on a degree in human services.

Dee Myrick (has a disability) | Chairman, 6 Years Served

Email: [email protected] 

Dee received an undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and remains a proud  Saluki. He holds a PhD in Business, an MBA, an MAED in  Educational Leadership and Administration, an MAED in  Technology and Learning, and a MAED in ELearning and  Online Teaching. He also holds a BSED in Education,  Training, and Development. He has published numerous  books, articles, and technical papers.

Jonathan Perry (has a disability) | First Year 

Email: j[email protected] 

I am a retired pharmacist with over 34 years of direct  patient care and administrative experience. My  professional background encompasses investigational  therapeutics, pharmaco-economics, personnel management, frontline poison control specialization and  retail service. I have two years of PhD level studies in  Pharmacy Administration concentrating in Theory of  Constraints Protocols.

Davada Whitfield | Treasurer, First Year 

Email: [email protected] 

I am from South Georgia and am a legal analyst at heart. I have two Master’s degrees from the University of  Colorado at Colorado Springs, one in Public Administration (Macro vs. Micro Public Spheres) and one  in Criminal Justice. I have two Bachelor’s degrees from  the University of Carolina at Pembroke, one in Political  Science and one in Psychology. I am serving on the  Multiplechoices™ CIL Board because I believe in the mission. I believe that in order to make a difference, we  must identify the need, apply knowledge, and implement  the best strategy. I am honored to serve.

Meet the Executive Director


Garrick Scott (has a disability) | Executive Director

Email: [email protected] 

I am a graduate of Gardner-Webb University with a  degree in Communications, and am former president of  the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia (NFBGA).  I have a daughter and two grandchildren.  

I host a talk show on the Georgia Radio Reading Service  and currently serve as Executive Director of Multiplechoices™ CIL.


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The mission of our disability advocates at Multiplechoices™ Center for Independent Living is to break down barriers and enhance the quality of life for people living with disabilities—including veterans—empowering them through advocacy, education and training.

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All people living with disabilities have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through equal access to all aspects of society.

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If you’re living with a disability, know that there’s always help, resources and opportunities waiting for you at Multiplechoices™ Center for Independent Living. Contact us to learn more.